1. Fresh Pineapples

fresh pineapple

We are a prime Exporter and Supplier of Fresh Pineapples. Fresh pineapples, offered by us, are known fro their nutritional value, great taste and health benefits. These Fresh Pineapples are fresh and organic in nature. Fresh Pineapples is an excellent digestive aid. We offer Fresh Pineapples in hygienic packaging to ensure high quality of the product.

Product Details

- Pineapples are graded, packed and weighted as per th requirements of the buyer.
- Pineapples are packed horizontally in boxes of size 60 x 40 cm.

Pineapple Specifications
Caliber of Pineapples
Range of Weight (grms)
Total New Weight/Box
Cal 6
> 800
Cal 7
Cal 8
Cal 8
Cal 9
Cal 10
Cal 12
Cal 10

2. Lychees


The varieties of Lychees which are the most traded in Mauritius remain the Tai so and the Calcutta lychees. The Mauritian lychee ripens two to three weeks earlier and has a bright red skin covering a firm and juicy flesh. Their good conversation is also very appreciated.

The fruits weight between 16 and 25g and are known for their nutritional value and are rich in vitamin C. Its quality is due to the amount of sugar and potassium found in the fruits.

This seasonal fruit is available on the market from October to December .As the lychee is an exotic fruit, it is widely cultivated in Mauritius and is found all over the island. Each year, Mauritius exports about 300 t of lychee worldwide. The packaging used to transport the fruits give the opportunity to the customers to enjoy a product that retains its freshness.

Packing of Lychees

Two varieties of lychees are exported.

(1)Sulphured lychees: These fruits are detached from their stems and then placed in ventilated boxes in dioxide. These lychees are packed in boxes with a total weight of 5kg and are placed are heat treated .Each pallet contains 260 boxes.

(2)Fresh lychees: It is packed in a plastic container which ensures a long-term preservation. The pallets on which the 104 boxes are placed are heat treated. Each box weighs 4 kg.


Several airlines serve the island namely Air Austral, corsair Fly, Air Mauritius, British Airways, South Africa Airways, Air France, Singapore Airlines, Condor, Emirates Airlines, among others. This diversity shows that Mauritius has an effective air network with direct flights to many destinations which make the access easy to customers.